Job Opening: Delivery

Job Type:

Full Time


The delivery person will be responsible for the preparation and execution of the orders until delivery to the client.

Liable to:

Sales Person

Responsible for:

Delivery of Orders

Major Responsibilities

  1. Starts the delivery truck 20 minutes prior loading to get the proper temperature
  2. Loading of Products
  3. Records the temperature of the delivery truck on a daily basis
  4. Responsible for the cleanliness of the delivery truck
  5. Responsible for the maintenance of the delivery truck
  6. Delivers the products according to the delivery schedule
  7. Ensures that the products are always at good condition
  8. Always have available the driving license
  9. Issues way bills
  10. Receives cash and cheques and issues receipts
  11. Ensure proper implementation of quality system, proper documentation of procedures and completion of relevant forms

Position Qualifications

  1. High School graduate
  2. Well disciplined
  3. Good negotiation skills
  4. Truck driving licence

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