Our company is always looking for young, determined, dedicated, and talented individuals who are committed and passionate about quality and customer/supplier service. In return for our employee’s hard work, we strive to create a positive and rewarding environment.

High work ethic

Anyone who works in the food industry knows that the food business is a demanding one. We believe that in order to succeed we must work and give our best each and every day.


We believe that employees need to be honest at all times and should expect the same courtesy from co-workers and management.


We believe that we should enjoy our work.


In an effort to help our company continue to grow, we believe feedback is essential. We continuously strive to create a workplace that values and encourages all feedback.

Reward productivity

Hard work deserves to be recognized, which is exactly why we believe in providing opportunities, promotions, and pay raises to employees who help Meat & More Ltd achieve its goal.

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