Job Opening: Managing Director

Job Type:

Full Time


Directs and coordinates all the work while taking into account the smooth operation of business and the interests of the company

Liable to:

Managing Director

Responsible for:

All Employees

Major Responsibilities

  1. Ensures that all business processes are implemented in accordance to the quality system – ISO 22000:2005
  2. Informs top management about the implementation of the quality system and for any improvements needed.
  3. Responsible for the implementation of the quality system and all the records.
  4. Responsible for the organisation of the management review meetings.
  5. Responsible to keep the management review minutes and make all necessary follow up actions
  6. Responsible for the food safety team.
  7. Makes suggestions for improvements at the work place that are necessary to be made.
  8. Handles all non-conformities and makes all necessary follow up actions.
  9. Responsible to keep all the documentation of the quality system
  10. Performs monthly and quarterly internal audits to assess the implementation of the quality system.
  11. Calls the food safety team for meetings
  12. Approves any changes that are necessary to made at the documentation of the system.
  13. Responsible to keep in touch and make all necessary correspondence with the certification body and the veterinary services.
  14. Always informed with current and new legislation and directives

Position Qualifications

  1. Degree graduate
  2. Very good knowledge of the English language
  3. At least three years previous experience in a similar position
  4. Knowledge and experience with quality and safety systems
  5. Very good knowledge of health and safety legislation
  6. PC literate
  7. Time management and excellent organisation skills
  8. Ability to take initiative
  9. Excellent presentation skills
  10. Risk assessment experience
  11. Ability to identify training needs

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