Job Opening: Sales Manager

Job Type:

Full Time


Organises and coordinates all sale activities of the company. Works closely with all other managers for better organisation and project delivery.

Liable to:

Accounting Head

Responsible for:

Sales People

Major Responsibilities

  1. Effective organisation of the sales department.
  2. Excellent knowledge of the services that the company offers.
  3. Handles departmental problems that may occur
  4. Preparation of contracts
  5. Tender negotiation with clients.
  6. Knowledge of all clients credit limit and the contract terms of payment.
  7. Liaising with the accounting department for client payments and pending payments.
  8. Review contracts with customers
  9. Receiving and handling customer complaints
  10. Training new and existing staff relating to sales
  11. Monitor sales to ensure a good climate in relations between customer and company
  12. Ensure proper implementation of quality system, proper documentation of procedures and completion of relevant forms
  13. Coordination of work and delivery of finished product

Position Qualifications

  1. Business or marketing-related degree or equivalent professional qualification
  2. Quick and Effective communication with clients
  3. Investigation of possibility of market needs.
  4. English Language skills
  5. Organizational and administrative skills
  6. Very good knowledge of sales
  7. 5 years Experience in similar position
  8. High level skills of analysis, preparation and presentation of data
  9. Dynamic Personality
  10. Ability to take initiatives
  11. Negotiating skills
  12. Very good use of computers
  13. Pleasant Personality

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