Job Opening: Managing Director

Job Type:

Full Time


Sets company’s policy and objectives. Oversees all operation of the company and all departments.

Liable to:

Company’s shareholders

Responsible for:

All Employees

Major Responsibilities

  1. Responsible for the overall performance of the Company
  2. Ensures that the Company's policies are implemented by management and staff
  3. Involved throughout all operational activities of the Company, technically and financially
  4. Approves the Company’s quality system
  5. Reviews the quality system to ensure that is efficient, effective and meets the Company’s requirements
  6. Responsible for the evaluation and selection of suppliers and subcontractors
  7. Ensures that the quality management system is constantly reviewed and upgraded to meet changing needs and requirements
  8. Ensures that the system is regularly audited and non-conformities identified are efficiently and effectively corrected within defined time limits
  9. Ensuring the promotion of awareness of customer requirements throughout the Company
  10. Oversees all operations of the company
  11. Identifies new market opportunities

Position Qualifications

  1. Degree graduate
  2. Extensive experience within the Cypriot and international business environment
  3. Market knowledge
  4. Good knowledge of the expectations / needs of all potential customers
  5. Administrative Capacity
  6. Ability to manage human resources
  7. Knowledge of the business sectors of the company and legislative framework
  8. Good knowledge of English and Greek Language (verbal and written)
  9. Persuasion and Influence abilities
  10. Personnel Management and Development of people
  11. Strategic thinking
  12. Decision Making
  13. Creativity and Innovation

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